Zunior.com: DRM free independent digital music in Canada

March 31st, 2007 @ 03:43 AM



While checking out ohbijou, I noticed a link to: download the album at zunior.com. What a fortuitous link, as I wasn’t aware that such a website existed. Zunior offers DRM free, downloadable 192kbit mp3 albums for $8.88, with a great selection of canadian (but not exclusively canadian) independent artists.

I picked up Apostle of Hustle, Ohbijou and Malajube all for under $30 canadian… If apple had their act together, and actually offered proper support for the lossless FLAC format in iTunes, I could have picked up the files in that format for an extra 2 bucks per album. But then again, if apple had their act together, I’d be buying my high bitrate DRM free music through iTunes. For now, I’m happy that I’ve found an alternative.

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