5 reality show proposals

March 9th, 2007 @ 01:25 AM

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In which Wayne pretends to work for McSweeny’s:

  1. America’s Next Bottom Model—Find america’s best ass.
  2. American Idolation—Get america’s biggest fans together on a ship, and then, well, sink it.
  3. 24 Lost Heroes—Bring america’s favourite serials to the reality screen. A bunch of heroes stranded on a tropical island, with only 24 hours to get off the island, and only those pesky others and that island standing in their way. Vote for your favourite hero every hour, with the loser getting thrown to the polar bears.
  4. Beauty is the Geek—Who needs the guys? Find the beauties that can explain the Poincaré conjecture while building an autonomous robot, and you’ve got a show.
  5. Project Punway—If reality tv is the lowest form of television, why not pair it with “Pun (n.): the lowest form of humour” – Samuel Johnson, lexicographer. Project Punway, the last refuge of the witless.


David said:
on 14 Mar 00:09

Here’s a few candidates for America’s best ass.


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