“Go ugly early.”

Metaphorical advice from Steve Yegge, on choosing programming languages.

“0. Back up any important software. This kernel has been
working beautifully on my machine for some time, and has never destroyed anything on my hard-disk, but you never can be too careful when it comes to using the disk directly. I’d hate to get flames like “you destroyed my entire collection of Sam Fox nude gifs (all 103 of them), I’ll hate you forever”, just because I may have done something wrong.”

Linus: The 0.01 Release

The Darjeeling Limited – Trailer

Wes Anderson’s latest, opens September 29th.


Punchscan is a voting system invented by David Chaum that allows voters to take a piece of the ballot home with them as a receipt. This receipt does not allow voters to prove how they voted to others, but it does permit them to:

* Verify that they have properly indicated their votes to election officials (cast-as-intended).

* Verify with extremely high assurance that all votes were counted properly (counted-as-cast).

“I expect this news will only fuel the flames, given that, as you’ve probably already deduced, “Joe Hewitt Parakey” is an anagram of “Etjk! Where ya at, IPO?””

Blake Ross » Facebook Goes Public (withnewsaboutitsrecentacquisitionofParakey,Inc.)

A. the devil is beating his wife

Q. What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?  And other crazy Dialect Survey Results.

Medellín the film

Too bad it’s not real…

How Long Do You Need To Boil Water?

The correct amount of time to boil water is 0 minutes. Thats right, zero minutes.

The fact is, with a water temperature of 165 degrees F (74 C) it takes just half an hour for all disease causing organisms to be inactivated. At 185 degrees this is cut to just a few minutes. By the time water hits its boiling point of 212 F (100 C) the water is safe. Even at high altitudes the time it takes for the water to reach a rolling boil and then cool means you can safely drink it.

“I see them time and time again being frustrated by the fact that in their imagination, they are much better at the thing that they want to do than they are when they actually put their hands on the thing and try to do it.  … You need to overcome the fact that your imagination is better at the thing than your hands and actually get in and start learning how to do something.”

John Roderick, talking to Merlin Mann on The Merlin Show

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